Wood Fence

American Fence System offers premium wood fencing products in two species, red cedar and spruce.

#1 Grade Wood
We purchase and sell only true #1 Grade wood. By that, we mean every single fence board, front and back, is #1 Grade wood. And you can count on that consistent quality from American Fence System, because we purchase directly from the mill and we carefully inspect every shipment that arrives at our warehouse.

Red Cedar Fence Sections
We assemble ready-to-install red cedar fence sections. Unlike some, our sections incorporate red cedar back-rails. This gives our finished product added appeal but also higher quality and extended life, since the horizontal rails tend to collect water, which ultimately causes them to rot if not made from cedar. Additionally, we fasten our pickets with 304 stainless steel nails, rather than galvanized which stain cedar with a rust colored streak. Coated or uncoated, the inherent qualities of red cedar oil in the wood protect it from exposure to the elements for decades.

Spruce Fence Sections
Our premium spruce fence section products are assembled with only Maibec kiln dried #1 Grade spruce. We also have our pickets specially milled with a beveled edge, which creates an attractive v-groove detail between each picket.

Please contact us for more information on our wood fencing products and accessories.